Development Wallet will be collecting coins to ensure the dev team has enough funds for salaries and development costs so they can entirely focus on the project and deliver it in a proper time.

Marketing wallet will be collecting tokens to make sure the project has fuel for development and not rely on community donations in order to expand to new markets, this will also include all the exchange listing fee's of Concoct

In order to have enough liquidity, there will be a 2 % fee from every transaction which is happening on the contract and that fee will be added back to the initial LP tokens to have more sustainability on Concoct network, later on, when sustainability is established we will move the LP fee to holders increasing the rewards holders receive from holding Concoct

Earn by holding Concoct, the contract is created to stimulate holders to hold Concoct, everytime there is a transaction no matter if it buy/sell/transfer there will be 5% redistributed back to holders

The buyback function is integrated. The way it will work is that the contract will constantly collect tokens from the 15% fee and 3% will go back to the buyback wallet, where BNB will be collected and used when needed to prevent market crashes, or stimulate pumps if needed.