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Free to use project management system based around agile planning Its best choice for your any complex project.

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Open source, easy to deploy and cross platform

"Concoct Cloud" is free to use open source software, meant to overflow notion of charging ridiculous amount of money for a planning board per user.

RCS - Rokono Control Services is not free, due the fact that we wont be able to host the web platform for free if you decide to use our online services there is a price to pay.However you can always clone the repository and host your own instnace.


Feature rich

From agile planning to user rights, secure internal communication, investor dashboards so you clients can monitor their projects


Fast, Robust and easy to maintain

Our software is written with the latest version of core, its cross platform, easy to deploy with the execution of a single shell script on your system if you're using Linux. Easy to backup and easy to maintain, create projects and manage user accounts with easy.


FLAT UI interface built with Syncfusion

Build around freedom, meant for people that just want to know what's inside of the product that they use.


Trusted Product

We increasingly grow our talent and skills via github, if you want to be a part of our team check it out.


Online Documentation

Documentation helps you in every steps on your entire project.


Free Updates & Support

Fast and accurate outline during support. Low turnaround time.


Software Features


Active developers


Integrated databases


Dashboard widgets

  1. CC Token Launch & Rolling out Sprint 2

    August 20th, 2021

    Token presale, we will list our CC token on Pancacke swap and make it publically accessable. Along with the token launch we will be rolling out Sprint 2, containing platform features, improvements and critical fixes.

  2. Sprint 4

    September 10th, 2021

    Sprint 4 will go live, this will be a platform update that will bring numerious features to the core platform including short term stability, public account sign up for open soure projects. Full Git integration (github based or enterprise git server), support for documents handling inside the platform (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Concepts for Sprint planning tools. Beta version of our CI/CD stack that will be the first step toward a devops enviroment.

  3. Live public meeting with the dev/management team over a livestream

    September 20th, 2021

    We will be hosting a live Q/A for all of our backers and users to answer questions and discuss future improvements to the software. We will also take note of any suggestions or request on behalf of the community.

  4. Sprint 5

    Octomber 20th, 2021

    Release of Sprint 5 will contain a set of devops tools that all users would be able to use at their own disposal in order to trigger, create and update automated builds for their solutions. We will be rolling out our base concept of Relational Maps, a new way into looking at Sprints user stories, work items and relation. A visual designer created with the intent of more transparent agile process.

  5. Closed Livestream (Currency Holders only) covering how proof of work will work with our coin.

    November 20th, 2021

    We are going to explore our basic concept of proof of concept as well as the montezation of our platform live services for people that don't want to bother with setting up their own servers.

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